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Crown Thinning

Selective removal of small branches and foliage from the outer canopy of a tree in order to lessen the weight and density of the crown. This allows more light through the canopy and reduces wind resistance without significantly changing the overall shape and size of the tree and promotes good, strong branch development within the crown.

Crown Reduction

A more comprehensive process than thinning, reducing sail area and biomechanical stress within the tree to improve structural integrity. This technique is often carried out to help manage a tree in relation to its surroundings but it can also be used to control the growth, shape and appearance of a tree.

Crown Lifting

This is the process of removing lower or pendulous branches from a tree to create more space and light beneath the canopy. It can be used make space above a road or pedestrian area or simply to allow more light to a house and garden whilst maintaining the natural shape of a tree.

Felling and Removal

We’d always prefer to keep a tree standing, but there are times when felling is the best choice – particularly if a tree is dead or potentially dangerous. The logistics of this vary hugely and will be discussed with you.

Chipping and Waste

We use a chipper to deal with unwanted material. The processed wood chip is a great resource in a garden – it can be used to make compost and as a soil improver adding organic matter and nutrients to the soil, encouraging insects and fungi. We always leave a site in the best possible state.

Tree Planting

We can advise on planting new trees, whether it’s large areas for woodland, or specimen trees and shrubs in gardens. We can also carry out planting and further care at appropriate times of the year.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Conservation Areas

To carry out work on trees within a conservation area or with an individual TPO we have to apply for permission from from the local planning authority, for this an application needs to be made. We can advise on work to trees covered by these restrictions and make applications to the planning department on your behalf.

Firewood Processing / Timber Milling

What happens to the tree or wood once we’ve taken it down? We can of course remove all timber from the site – if however you would like to keep the wood for firewood we can process this to an agreed point. Perhaps more interestingly we also have the equipment and know-how to process the logs into usable timber, leaving a usable stack of timber for your projects.

Hedge Cutting, Trimming and Reductions

Most hedges need trimming once or twice a year to maintain healthy dense growth and so they don’t get out of hand! Every so often it is advisable to do more than trim a hedge, to cut it really hard (dependent on species). This brings it back in to shape and promotes new vigorous growth, keeping the hedge thick throughout.


Founded from a love for our trees, forests and landscapes.

Western Tree Works is a friendly and considerate team of experienced arborists. We carry out all aspects of tree and hedge care, from pruning specimens to removing unsafe or large trees, at the domestic and commercial scale.

We take care to work with minimal impact to the surrounding environment – be that your home or an other creature’s – and make sure we leave our projects looking as good as possible.

Bruce’s team have been working together for many years and provide placements for aspirant arborists – who often end up joining us in permanent roles. We keep up-to-date with techniques and knowledge, enabling our positive and considered attitude towards our work.

We are Insured to carry out any Arboricultural work and work to British standard BS3998.  


Andrei and Holly

The Smiling Sheep

“We have used Bruce and Western Tree Works for a variety of different projects over the years and have always been highly impressed with their work. This has included extensive tree work in our woodland and groundwork including the creation of a large wildlife pond. Professional, knowledgeable, hard-working and highly skilled – could not recommend them highly enough”

Andy Bridgeman

Lettings Manager, Helmores Estate Agents

“We have used Western Tree Works for a number of jobs over the last 12 months and found them to be very knowledgeable, polite and respectful to our customers and of course competitive on price. We have no hesitation in recommending them to all of our landlords and clients for any works of this nature and would not use anyone else.



Please call, message or email, you will get through to Bruce. If I am not able to respond immediately I will return you correspondence as soon as possible.

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